Argus CS provides services for multiple disciplines of the construction industry.  Below, we have highlighted just a few of the different types of projects with which we are proud to be involved:

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Tres Rios Ecosystem Restoration Project:

This collaborative effort, headed by The City of Phoenix and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), is a seven-mile stretch of the Salt and Gila Rivers west of the Phoenix metropolitan area. The Environmental Protection Agency provides oversight of the project and its goals, which include the restoration of native riparian habitat, water-quality improvement, flood- damage reduction, recreational expansion and environmental education. Salt River Project (SRP) is one of the partners involved with Tres Rios. SRP has contracted Argus Construction Services, LLC for all four phases of its portion of the restoration project involving irrigation-pipe installation and the removal of existing above-ground facilities.  Argus has designed the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans and provides the stormwater management for SRP on this national, environmentally sensitive project.

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Wickenburg Ranch Estates:

Wickenburg Ranch, a 2,160-acre resort community, offers a championship golf course, an equestrian center, hiking/biking trails and custom homes. For this project, Argus developed an extensive stormwater management plan involving 16 different Notice of Intents to Discharge. This allows for more effective management of the disturbed areas and assists the client with scheduling closed-out segments as they are developed. This project involves weekly stormwater inspections and consistent communication with the developer as it relates to site drainage and stabilization procedures.

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Beeline Highway (State Route 87):

Coffman Industries was awarded the Beeline Highway Forest Boundary Project by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). The project involved the widening of the existing four-lane, divided highway from Mile Post (MP) 204 to MP 211 on State Route 87. The project also included the construction of a Traffic Interchange Underpass with Bush Highway, located at MP 209 and the realignment and widening of Bush Highway for a half mile leading up to the traffic interchange.  The project was located within the boundaries of the Tonto National Forest, which required Argus to provide close coordination between the Contractor, ADOT and representatives of the National Forest Service. Several of the washes that bisected the project and paralleled the roadway were governed by the USACE in accordance with the Project 404 permit. Argus developed the Stormwater Management manual, utilizing ADOT’s erosion control-plans, modifying it as necessary, to work in conjunction with the site conditions as the project developed.


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