Meet Our Management Team

“Here to Serve isn’t just a mantra or words found throughout our offices. It is the foundation and focus of Eros Environmental. We are here to Serve our Employees, our Clients, our Community, and our Environment.”

-Tony Brighi


For over 20 years, Tony Brighi, President of Eros Environmental, LLC. has been serving the Erosion & Sediment Control industry with his knowledge, passion, and servant leadership. Tony joined the International Erosion Control Association (IECA) in 1998 and began gaining education on all aspects of Sediment & Erosion Control. Tony has logged over 500 educational hours through various organizations and carries several certifications. From 1998 to 2004, Tony worked primarily on the construction side of stormwater, specializing in Best Management Practice (BMP) development, installation, and maintenance.

In 2004, Tony was recruited and hired by the Nation’s Largest Stormwater Compliance Engineering and Consulting firm. Tony was given the prestigious “Leadership” award for being the top Consultant in the nation and was promoted to Senior Stormwater Consultant, and was the only person that held that position. In May of 2006, Tony earned his Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC) certification. Tony is the only person in Las Vegas to have this prestigious accreditation and one of only 1,600 nation-wide. Tony has been featured in local and national publications and has sat on several local and national committees regarding stormwater. In July of 2007, Tony started Eros Environmental, LLC. 


Born in California and relocated to Arizona in 1971, Michael spent four years in the United States Navy before earning a degree in Architecture while attending Arizona State University.  Michael has held positions in the construction industry for more than 40 years. His diverse work experience began in heavy highway construction where he worked his way up to Project Manager on several Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) projects. Michael then moved into commercial and residential construction where he grew to become the Operations Manager for one of the valley’s largest general contractors. Michael founded Argus Construction Services in 2005 and it has since become one of the leading environmental service companies in Arizona.  In his free time, Michael enjoys baseball, traveling, and spending time with good friends.   


Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Robyn grew up in an excavation and construction family. She earned a master’s degree in psychology from Central Washington University and built a career in crisis intervention and child abuse prevention, working for a large non-profit in Seattle for many years.  Robyn moved to Arizona in 2005 and spent many years working in the field of special education.  Joining the Argus team as an administrator in 2014, Robyn is currently the Vice President of the Arizona division.  In her free time, Robyn enjoys spending time with her family, pursuing creative interests, and visiting her home state of Washington.



Shelli brings a strong background in Banking, Customer Service, Real Estate, and Family Management to Eros Environmental. As Vice President, Shelli is responsible for the overall Administrative Operations, as well as Executive Support. Shelli is the behind the scenes brains behind Eros Environmental. Shelli was also instrumental with the start up and management of Eros Environmental’s Charitable Affairs Division. This has become a passion for Shelli, as she Serves our Community.

Shelli’s Servant Heart is was drives her in her personal, as well as professional life. Shelli lives to give and touches most people’s hearts that she meets. Shelli’s heart, integrity, and passion for people have been tremendous assets for Eros Environmental.

“Serving our community has become a passion of mine, as well as Eros Environmental’s. We have been Blessed and feel it is our responsibility to give back.”

-Shelli Brighi


Brian has worked for Argus Construction Services since 2017 and has an additional four years of experience installing stormwater control measures. Prior to working with Argus, Brian served six years in the United States Army. Currently a Compliance Specialist Supervisor overseeing field operations, Brian’s focus is on communication with clients and training our inspectors to make sure Argus is providing the best possible service. Brian is knowledgeable about EPA, ADEQ, and Municipality stormwater rules and regulations, as well as county and tribal dust requirements. When he is not working, Brian enjoys fishing, camping, cooking, and playing games with friends.


Kyle is a Compliance Specialist Supervisor for Argus Construction Services overseeing field inspections, stormwater consulting and air and water quality compliance with Arizona’s commercial development, residential development, and utility infrastructure construction. Kyle has been in the environmental field for 16 years. In 2006, Kyle started working in Southwest Colorado’s natural gas fields performing weed control, erosion control, and land restoration. Kyle moved to Arizona in 2011 and continued in weed control for the Phoenix metro area. In 2021, Kyle received his associate in applied science for Environmental and Natural Resource Sustainability from Phoenix College. Kyle is a self-described plant nerd and enjoys spending his free time with his three children, watching sports, cooking, DIY home projects, fishing, and a good tequila.  

Our Core Values

Argus Construction Services is committed to back-to-basic values. These core beliefs have not only allowed us to set the bar of excellence but rise above it.


Integrity is the hallmark of business and doing the right thing goes a long way. Our word and our handshake are our commitment to you that we will not compromise on our high standards, ethics, and professionalism.


A “job well done” is our reward from you. We promise to not cut corners and will meet your expectations by providing the highest quality product and service.


Building long lasting, collaborative relationships is the foundation of our success. We strive to make ourselves an asset to your team, allowing us to grow together.


We take our responsibility to you seriously. We strive to give you peace of mind knowing that your project will be delivered on time. you can count on us to have your best interests in mind throughout the duration of your project.

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